Yves Mont Blanc was mentioned in “Evil G.L.A.D.I.S. Much?” when Mandy and Clover competed to get a pair of his boots. He had a store in the Beverly Hills Mall.

His logo is seen on a shopping bag in “Evil Jerry”.

He was seen in “Evil Shoe Designer”. After his career was wrecked by bad reviews, including Beatrice Bash's review in "Fashion Slam", he sought revenge by attacking the Paris Shoe Week celebration.

His logo is seen in Season 6, since he was still in Prison in “Baddies on a Blimp”, that means another person bought his company.

His boots are seen in “Totally Spies! The Movie”.



  • In Season 5 Yves's hair is dark blonde. In Season 6 his hair becomes a lighter shade of blonde.
  • Yves Mont Blanc was Clover's favorite shoe designer.
  • Yves's name is based on fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and German luxury brand Montblanc.