He was in the episode "Brain Drain". He and Margie were stealing the intelligence of the contestants on the game show Brain Busters

He was the mastermind behind their own show "Brain Busters" as his partner and girlfriend Margie is a contestant. He let Margie drain the contestants' intelligence as he was responsible for making questions and answers on the show.

When Clover and Alex discover their motives, they were caught by their bodyguards as they overheard of their plans. Both girls fell in the ceiling as they knocked Margie's massage therapist. Margie loudly calls Wink and he and his men caught the girls. They locked the girls in a barely-oxygenated room as he and Margie continued their plans but the girls managed to escape.

That night when his show begins, he let Margie drains more contestants' intelligence but it was interupted by Clover and Alex by bombarding the set with smoking bombs. Wink and Margie managed to flee. During the pursuit, he drives the plane with Margie to escape as Clover managed to caught the tail of their plane. Seeing their not giving up, he overtakes the plane making Clover fall as she hangs on the rope while she grabs Alex. Alex managed to destroy the wing of their plane as they crashed in a man-made oasis. Clover states that their show is nothing more than cheating, saying "Thanks for playing, but today you are grand prize losers." He was arrested by WOOHP while his partner Margie was in Jerry's custody to retrieve the intelligence that she stole from the contestants including Samantha.