It is a gadget that can blow out powerful gusts of wind and/or fire infrared heat rays as well. It is disguised as a hairdryer. It can also work in reverse and vacuum in large amounts of wind. Geraldine Husk made a copy of the device in "Arnold The Great".


  • Heat Seeking Hair Dryer ("Vide-o-no!")
  • Laser Heat Hair Dryer ("Spy Gladiators")
  • Thundering Thermal Wave Hair Dryer: silver/white color
  • Wind Tunnel 3000 Laser Tornado Blast Hair Dryer: colored orange instead of pink.
  • Wind Tunnel 9000 Laser Tornado Blast Hair Dryer
  • Wind Tunnel 9000 Turbo Blast Hair Dryer ("Zero to Hero")
  • Wind Tunnel Strength Hair Dryer ("Evil Hair Salon")


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