Wera Vann
Wera Vann
Age: 20's
Nation-State: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Gender: Female
Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Purple
Skin color: White
Family and Friends
Nemesis: Her clients
Personality and Ability
Dislike: Women who wear a wedding dress only once.
Professions: Wedding dress designer
Behind the Scene
First appearance: The Wedding Crasher

Wera Vann was in "The Wedding Crasher".


Wera Vann, a former wedding dress designer, is responsible for weaponizing wedding dresses from all over the world to destroy wedding celebrations. She has a hidden room on the warehouse in France where she weaponizes the dresses. Samantha, Clover, and Alexandra were sent by Jerry to investigate the incident. The girls were attacked by Wera's sewing machines and fabric cleaners under hostility. The girls managed to escape. Wera watches the girls are going to the royal wedding in England where she takes her next target.

At the royal wedding in England, she watches the bride and groom are walking in the aisle until she saw the girls who were undercover to find her. She disguises as a royal guard to take them away and sends them in the truck to drive them herself. Alex removes her hat finally revealing herself. They realizes that she was behind of weaponizing the dresses. Her revenge was making her dresses going on top knowing that the brides are putting the wedding dresses to their closets which it upsets her more. She let the girls to crash in the river to continue her charade. However, the girls managed to escape and angrily pursues her.

When the ceremony is about to start, she intervenes the ceremony as she controls the weaponized wedding dress that the bride wears becomes hostile and spins like a tornado to destroy the ceremony and making the guests flee. The girls arrived and wants to get rid of them as she controls the wedding dress making the bride screams in agony when the girls barrier themselves with the Escape From Trouble Bubble Wand and kicks them like a soccer ball. The girls managed to disperse her dress by smashing the bride with a wedding cake. Without warning, she removes her disguise and revealing to wear a pink weaponized dress and begins to attack the girls with a chain-cloth whip. and to throws them with a flower-like shurikens that was embedded to her dress. She then caught Clover with her chain whip as she pulls her off forcibly. Alex and Sam managed to stop her by throwing one of her shurikens to cut her whip and Sam uses the Escape From Trouble Bubble Wand to trap her inside the bubble. She was later caught by Jerry in his formal attire and takes her to WOOHP containment facility while being trap inside the bubble.



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