The Walking Tornado, a wind-themed villainess with the namesake ability to turn into a tornado, either for moving around or for assault. She can also exhale extremely strong winds through her mouth (not dissimilar to the Big Bad Wolf). Her suit (excluding her cape and emblem), strangely, resembles a catsuit in terms of both patterning and colouring schemes, albeit thick yellow lightning streaks separating two different colours (black and maya blue) instead of thin, straight lines separating two different shades of one colour.

This form always attacks Clover, the first attack of which was when she was surfing in the ocean around Malibu University, where she was attacked by her in the form of a whirlpool. This might also imply that the Tornado has some extent of water-based powers.

Her single appearance was in the Season 5 episode "Virtual Stranger".


  • Her appearance, abilities and outfits are inspired by Lien Neville (The King of Fighters), Catwoman (DC Comics), Dazzler (Marvel's X-Men) and Storm (Marvel's X-Men).
  • Her quote "And blow you away for good!" are references to The Three Little Pigs and fellatio.
  • Her acronym is THT, The Human Tornado, or TWT, The Walking Tornado, TWT is a reference to a vulgar British word.
  • Her outfit is a female version of Static Shock and her color scheme is based on "Stripperella".
  • Her hairstyle has its base similar to Julie Newmar (who played Catwoman and had a comic book honoring her) and its bob was inspired by Louise Brooks.

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