The WOOHPtanic is WOOHP's cruise ship/ocean liner. It was hijacked by Salty Schooner and Colonel Nathaniel Nash.


  • Control Room: Located at the front of the ship
  • Hair Salon: Spread across two decks, the salon sports ultramodern seating, wall-length mirrors, and automated hair stylists.
  • Main Pool: Located at the stern of the topmost deck, this huge pool has a spoiler directly behind it. There is also a heat ray located directly under the pool, as shown in "WOOHP-Ahoy!"
  • Princess Suite: This class of suites aboard the WOOHPtanic have no furniture, 3 bunk beds stacked upon each other, a bathroom, and a closet. There is also a solitary window and a deceptive door design.
  • The ship has at least 5 decks.


  • The WOOHPtanic has sunk at least twice; once by crashing into an iceberg, and once by dropping anchor while at full speed.
    • The crashing of the WOOHPtanic into an iceberg parodies the crashing of the real RMS Titanic.
  • The WOOHPtanic has been subjected to 2 sea-jackings.
  • The name "WOOHPtanic" parodies the RMS Titanic, an actual seafaring vessel.



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