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WOOHPersize Me!
WOOHPersize Me!
Air Date
Season 05
Episode Number 12
Proceeded By Virtual Stranger
Followed By Evil Hotel

WOOHPersize Me! is episode 12 of Season 5.



It was a bright, sunny day at Malibu University. As Sam, Clover, Alex, and Britney stroll across the quad, they suddenly hear a strange sound. “WOOHP! WOOHP!” To their utter shock and surprise, they see a group of students doing what appears to be the WOOHP workout routine. Incredulous, they ask what's going on. That’s when Mandy and Mindy tell them: "Duh. It's only the latest workout craze!" When the girls tell Jerry what’s going on, he's equally as surprised and concerned.

In the B-story, with Britney being drafted back into the team again, Alex's jealousy returns.



  • The WOOHP fighting routine:
    • Double Spinning Backflip - Move 247
  • Malibu University has a beach.
  • One of the hardest drinks to make at the Mali-U Cafe is the Decaf Caramel Frothe Grande.
  • Master Mario developed many of the WOOHP fighting techniques.
  • The episode begins with Mario's workout program's (WOOHPersize Me!) ad.
  • The television advertisement phone number is 316-456-98-666.


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