Air Date
Season 05
Episode Number 21
Proceeded By Zero to Hero
Followed By So Totally Not Groove-y

WOOHP-tastic! is episode 21 of Season 5.



At the annual WOOHP picnic, the girls are surprised when the "Most WOOHP-tastic Agent" award goes to Clover, for her apprehension of Senor Starchy, an evil dry cleaner bent on "straightening out the world" who has eluded WOOHP for decades. Clover is ecstatic when she hears about the perks that come with the award, and it is not long before she lets her newfound stardom go to her head. She begins to act superior to her spy-mates, and makes them do all the dirty work on missions because she thinks it is beneath her. Can the girls stay together as a spy team and remain friends?

In the B-story, the girls hang out with Dean at the WOOHP picnic and old flames are rekindled.



  • The award ceremony is part of the fifth annual WOOHP picnic.
    • Best Apprehension Manuever
    • Best Spy Technique
    • Most WOOHP-tastic Agent
  • Similiar robot spiders are used in 4 episodes.
  • There is a "WOOHP Life Magazine".
  • WOOHP has a Java branch.
  • This is the second time the WOOHP picnic has been held at a zoo. There was a picnic held at the Beijing Zoo in a previous episode. ("Animal World")


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