Vomesa was in the episode "The Yuck Factor". He was fired from WOOHP for using criminals during his experiments.

In the beginning, when Dr. V worked for WOOHP, he was responsible for the creation Project Micro-Spy, a method of shrinking agents to microscopic size for missions. But the superiors of WOOHP, including Jerry, believed Project Micro-Spy to be unacceptable due to the use of his criminal volunteers. Dr. V used Project Micro-Spy to enter Jerry's body in order to control WOOHP and take over the world. Luckily, the girls used Project Micro-Spy and stopped Dr. V and his men from inside Jerry, and Dr. V and is men were sent to prison, still small, though.


  • Vomesa's name is a reference to "vomiting" and "nausea".