Virtual Stranger
Virtual Stranger
Air Date
Season 05
Episode Number 11
Proceeded By Evil Shoe Designer
Followed By WOOHPersize Me!

Virtual Stranger is episode 11 of Season 5.



When Sam, Clover, and Alex find themselves under attack at various locations throughout Malibu University, they begin to suspect, because of the nature of the assaults, that past villains are to blame. However, when Jerry informs them that those villains are confined in Prison, the girls are perplexed. It eventually becomes clear that their friend Britney is possessed from an accident involving her virtual training, causing her to change into these villains and even adopt their personalities! Can the spies rid their friend of the virtual demon, and, as a foursome can they defeat this digital menace?

In the B-story, Mandy and Mindy start a smear campaign in an effort to turn everyone in the dorms against Sam, Clover, and Alex; hoping to move into the penthouse. The girls are forced to use disguises and find evidence which can clear their names.



  • Malibu University has a football team.
  • Clover has a sweater identical to one of Britney's sweaters.
  • Sam and Britney listen to M.C. Diaper Rash.



Totally Spies Season 5 Episode 115 - Virtual Stranger FULL-021:44

Totally Spies Season 5 Episode 115 - Virtual Stranger FULL-0

Evil Mascot FULL - All rights go to Marathon Media, Image Entertainment Corporation, Teletoon, and TF1

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