He is the manager of the Mali-U Cafe; where Alex, Sam, and Clover work.

He appears in "Evil Professor" where the girls keep missing work and he fires them and hires Mandy and Mindy. However the girls create a huge cocoa bean from the stolen gadget and present it as a "sorry present". Thus Virgil fires Mandy and Mindy and re-hires the girls.

Virgil has a crush on Alex. Alex goes on a date with Virgil in the episode "Zero to Hero". Due to him causing accidents on their dates Alex decides that they should be "just friends". Not wanting to give up he accidentally stumbles upon the girls after they had defeated Humungo Man. Ingesting the muscle growth formula he tries to win Alex over.

They go on another date after he is returned to normal. In this episode Alex states to Virgil: "If I didn't like you for who you are, Virgil, I wouldn't be going out with you in the first place". This could be a reference to their date or the fact they are dating.

He is brainwashed by Milton Bard in "The Show Must Go On... Or Else".

In "Ho-ho-ho-no!" he says the blizzard has caused a massive spike in sales. He is seen using a mobile hot chocolate stand on skis.


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Alexandra, Clover, Samantha, Mandy, Mindy, and Virgil in the Mali-U Cafe.

Virgil in the Zero to Hero episode.

Virgil in the episode "Zero to Hero".

Alex going on a date with Virgil

Virgil and Alex