Vince King appeared in "Spy Gladiators". In order to increase ratings for his survival/extreme sports show he kidnapped contestants and forced them to fight each other. King's television show was titled FIGHT (Fear Island Gladiator Habitat). He was exposed and captured by Samantha, Alexandra, and Clover.

He makes a cameo in "Evil Jerry" and "Escape From WOOHP Island".


  • Vince's appearance is a mixture of Mr. Satan of the Dragon Ball Franchise and the real life professional wrestler and Chief Operating Officer of World Wrestling Entertainment, Triple H. His first name however is based on Vince McMahon, the chairman and owner of World Wrestling Entertainment who debuts most of it's entertainment shows about wrestling. 
  • During his fight with Clover and Alex, he wears wrestling tights that resemble Triple H's previous wrestling outfit.
  • His show is based on "American Gladiators".