Vide-o-no 1
Air Date September 10 2013
Season 06
Episode Number 03
Proceeded By Nine Lives
Followed By Super Mega Dance Party Yo!

Vide-o-no! is episode 3 of Season 6.



When video game developers around the world go missing, the spies are all over it. But their investigation hits a roadblock when they discover that a pixelating snowman appears to be behind the attacks. As the spies delve deeper into case, they discover the mastermind behind the abductions is Skip Joystick, a jilted game developer whose strange game designs were rejected by every video game company in the world (including SEGA, Nintendo, and Namco-Bandai). Can the spies stop this menace before he exacts revenge on those who rejected him by sticking them in a dangerous video game world?!

In a B-story, Clover tries to help Sam find a boyfriend, but Sam's heart is set on a geek.




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