Normal ts4x17-0276
Age: 30's
Nation-State: United States of America
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Purple
Skin color: White
Family and Friends
Nemesis: Modeling industry
Personality and Ability
Dislike: Modeling industry
Professions: ex-model
Behind the Scene


Vanity is a villain who appears in the episode "Beauty Is Skin Deep". A former beauty queen with many years of being in the spotlight, she decides that people are too vain. She develops a make-up that modifies a person's appearance to an extreme version of a mood, most of which make the wearer flee in horror and shame. In a theatre in Paris, she makes her models (including Samantha and Alexandra) put on the make-up. She makes Sam wear Happy make-up so she is always smiling, and Alex is forced to wear Pouty make-up. She ignores Clover because the latter did not need to change.


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