Trent is Mandy's intern in Season 6 who makes his debut in "The Anti-Social Network".

In "Trent Goes Wild" Trent becomes a supervillain after Jerry accidentally administers the scorpion DNA into him while erasing his memories. He is able to transform into a cool dude in Malibu University, as well as a scorpion form in order to take revenge against Mandy for the mistreatment she made him undergo. He was also responsible of making a rampage on The Groove, and solely targets Mandy.

The girls discover his change and that Trent is after Mandy in his scorpion form. He managed to defeat the girls and attacked Mandy from his scorpion sting, which renders her paralyzed. He later abducts her in the high desert in her immobilized state and finally takes revenge on her for being bossy to him and the mistreatment he had suffered at her hands. The girls managed to track him down and Trent begins to attack the girls and Sam tells him that they are his friends and he replies by saying that they mentioned his old self as his new self wants them not to get in his way. The girls knowing that he was strong to beat until Trent managed to immobilize the girls with his scorpion sting. He then attacks Alex with the same sting but she managed to dodge the sting. Alex then prepares using the Wind Tunnel 3000 Tornado Blast Hair Dryer when Trent begins to attack her she then blasts him with her Wind Tunnel 3000 Tornado Blast Hair Dryer to blown him down with a tornado and knocks him down while turning back to his old self. He was later taken by Jerry and his men in the WOOHP helicopter to remove the scorpion DNA that he accidentally administered as well as the immobilized Mandy to erase her memories of the incident that happened to her.

His new self is similar to Mandy when he wants to boss her around in retaliation and orders her to ignore him. He also shares the same dislike as Mandy: he does not want other people to get in his way, just like Mandy does not want other people (like Clover) to get in her way.