Totally Switched Again
Mrs. Lewis
Air Date December 3 2013
Season 06
Episode Number 18
Proceeded By Little Dude
Followed By Clowning Around!

Totally Switched Again is episode 18 of Season 6.



During a routine check of the WOOHP Containment Facility, Jerry Lewis encounters a most unexpected event, when Grey uses a homemade gadget to switch his body with Jerry's, allowing him to escape WOOHP! And now that he's free, he's determined to use all the resources that WOOHP has to offer to help him achieve his ultimate goal: switching the bodies of all of the humans on Earth so that they can learn to walk in each other shoes! And as chaos begins to erupt around the planet, Sam, Clover and Alex start to realize that something is definitely up. It's up to the girls, with some help from Lewis, who is the first one to realize that her son isn't acting at all like himself, to not only stop Dr. Gray and save the world, but to save Jerry as well!

In the B-story, Jerry's Mum comes out of retirement, becoming a spy once again!




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