Totally Switched
Totally Switched
Air Date April 27, 2003
Season 02
Episode Number 19
Proceeded By Alex Quits
Followed By Ski Trip

Totally Switched is episode 19 of Season 2.



Well-known people in England have been making headlines after completely changing their personalities and interests. The girls investigate, but Samantha and Alexandra mysteriously vanish.

Clover calls Jerry Lewis for help, and the two figure out that each pair of people affected have had their personalities exchanged. However, things get even worse when Clover and Jerry's personalities are swapped, on the same night that Clover is going to guest star on a popular show hosted by Anson Carter and Jerry is going to be knighted. Clover destroys Jerry's chances to be knighted.



  • The title is used again for "Totally Switched Again".
  • The "M-channel" parodies MTV.
  • Goof: When Alex and Sam are released from their cell the dark green parts of Sam's catsuit are a darker shade of green than they normally are.