Totally Spies (GBA box art)


"Totally Spies!" is a video game based on the French anime-influenced animated television series Totally Spies!.

This game is notoriously known for having several game over screens, instead of just one reoccurring one.

Game play

Totally Spies will allow you to play with the 3 typical Beverly Hills girls who secretly work for the WOOHP (World Organization Of Human Protection).

Jerry will provide you some high-tech gadgets as the Lipstick Microphone Camera or the Multi Function Charm Bracelet. Your mission is to prevent earth from a global crisis: infiltrating a chemical site, pursuing on a snow bike criminal, saving hostages, protecting celebrities?


  • The Aptitute Test
  • Save The Earth
  • The Halloween Chase
  • A Lovely Singer
  • Kiwi-Kiki In Dangeradd


  • Play as Alex, Sam and Clover through 5 missions and 16 sub-missions
  • Use your high-tech gadgets against evil
  • Play various missions and take the control of different vehicles
  • Be a spy and a fashion girl from Beverly Hills

Totally Spies! Video Games
Mallbrawl -- Totally Spies! (Game) -- Totally Spies! 2: Undercover -- Totally Spies! Totally Party

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