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"Totally Spies!" is an animated television series produced by the French/Canadian company Marathon Production and the Canadian Company Image Entertainment Corporation. There have been 156 episodes divided into 6 seasons.

"Totally Spies! The Movie" aired in France on July 22, 2011.


Out to totally save the world without breaking a nail! Totally Spies! Is a fast-paced, high energy action comedy show with a side of romance! Starring Clover, Alex, and Sam; 3 Beverly Hills High students who unwittingly become international spies.

As secret spies, the girls must manage to combine their Beverly Hills High responsibilities with their spy duties, combatting super villains, and saving the world. Now at Malibu University the story continues!




Video Games

The Totally Spies series was initially followed up with two video games titled Totally Spies! (Game) and Totally Spies! 2: Undercover.

Totally Spies! 3: Secret Agents has been recently released in Europe and Australia for the Nintendo DS. Totally Spies! Totally Party was released in North America, Europe and Australia for the PlayStation 2, Wii and PC.

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