Totally Mystery Much?
Totally Mystery Much?
Air Date
Season 05
Episode Number 14
Proceeded By Evil Hotel
Followed By Evil Sushi Chef (Jazz Hands Return - Part 1)

Totally Mystery Much? is episode 14 of Season 5.



Scientists make a startling discovery in the Antarctic: a Yeti snow creature frozen in a block of ice! Meanwhile, Jerry informs Sam, Clover, and Alex that there have been reports of a strange being terrorizing a posh ski resort in Switzerland. When the spies arrive at the resort, everything looks fine at first glance. But after an incident occurs, they quickly realize something is amiss. As they began investigating seriously, they find that they are not the only ones on the case. They meet Martin Mystery, a teenage paranormal investigator working for "The Center", an organization similar to WOOHP! In the b-story, Clover's annoyed because she becomes a geek magnet, Martin tells Sam that she is like his step-sister, Diana, because of their similar "buzz-kill" personalities, and Alex gets a crush on Martin because of their video game interests.



  • It is a crossover with another Marathon show, Martin Mystery.
  • Malibu University has a:
    • Library Study Picnic
    • Math Club Dance
  • The Multi Function Charm Bracelet laser cuts much slower than the Laser Lipstick.
  • This is a crossover between "Totally Spies!" and "Martin Mystery".
  • This is the first official Martin Mystery appearance. A character resembling him appeared in the episode "Super Agent Much?", although he only made a cameo appearance as a student along with a character resembling Martin's stepsister Diana. In his previous appearance, Martin does not wear his trademark jacket in this episode.
  • Despite being a crossover, Martin and M.O.M. are the only characters from the original series that appear.

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