Timmy was in the episode "Grabbing the Bully by the Horns". His robot was modeled after Astro Boy.

When he was young, Timmy was selling slushie drinks at a fair when was bullied by two boys, who pick on him and destroy his wares. A young Mandy then arrives and dumps cotton candy on his head, and had bullied him many times since.

After having worked in Japan, Timmy creates and pilots a giant robot similar to Astro Boy so he can have his revenge. He goes to Hawaii where he abducts the brown-haired guy at his house, and then abducts the blond guy. During the second abduction, the spies Samantha, Clover and Alexandra try to stop him, but he fights them off. He then goes to Beverly Hills, where he abducts Mandy and defeats her celebrity bodyguard.

Timmy returns to an abandoned amusement park in Japan, where he has tied up the two boys and Mandy in a single locker. When the spies attempt to rescue them, they get captured by Timmy, and he reveals his past of being bullied. After Sam tells him that vengeance isn't going to help things, Timmy puts the girls and the other abductees on a roller coaster ride called the "Bully Gauntlet", which includes things like getting booted by a big shoe, getting gum in their hair from big gum bubbles and finally getting dumped in a slushie tank after plunging from a high precipice.

The girls free themselves before hitting the slushie tank. Timmy then battles Sam and Clover. When Alex bumps into him with the gum ball, he is thrown into the slushie tank which causes his robot to malfunction and later explode, although he is rescued by the girls. He is arrested by WOOHP.


  • He has a spiky blond hairstyle like Martin Mystery.
  • He was bullied by Mandy the most, who excuses it as being her Tuesday personality.