The Granny
The Granny
Air Date
Season 05
Episode Number 04
Proceeded By Evil Professor
Followed By Another Evil Boyfriend

The Granny is episode 4 of Season 5.



Jerry tells the girls he has a very treacherous mission for them: they are to transport an extremely dangerous criminal to WOOHP's highest security penitentiary. The Spies are nervous until they meet the villain, an 80-something grandmother with a sweet disposition. The girls are sure there must be a mistake, but Jerry assures them that "The Granny" is the most notorious and ruthless bank robber in the annals of criminal history. He warns the girls to be very cautious. Can the Spies gain the upper hand and bring their geriatric foes to justice?

In the B-story, Clover meets Blaine, the boy of her dreams, and she falls for him. (The next episode reveals that Blaine is here to eliminate Clover, because Geraldine Husk set him up to do the job).