Telly Hardwire was in "The Anti-Social Network". He created Mandybook in an attempt to create an army to kill Mandy, after she refused his Internet friend request back in their school days at Beverly Hills High. He was also the president of the Computer Club at Beverly Hills High.

In a very beginning of the episode, Telly is seen creating a social network called "Mandybook" to make Mandy into popular by adding in their cellphones to people who can see it. When Clover, Samantha and Alex found out his room it appears that he was crazy to kill Mandy from his computer because of his revenge against her and most of the robots are been in his control throughout his room.

Later on, he begins to engage his revenge by activating his Mandybook as most of the college students in Malibu University became his own army to kill Mandy. When Mandy arrives, thinking everyone will like her popularity and many followers in the Mandybook as she mentioned, she realizes they're going to kill her as she escapes in fright. The girls manage to save Mandy.

Finally confronting the girls (including Mandy), Telly explains his true motives to them, as well as his vendetta with Mandy for her refusing to accept an Internet friend request from him back in their high school days. Mandy tells him that she would accept his Internet friend request, but he replies that it was too late.

Telly orders his army to dispatch them. Sam tries to convince Clover to escape, but, much to their dismay, Clover has been brainwashed like the rest, and she attacks them. While they're escaping, Mandy finds Trent, and sees that he too was also brainwashed like Clover and the others. Sam hijacks the car, which she drives with Alex and Mandy. When they arrived at Telly's house, the berserk vaccuum robot attacks Alex as Sam tries to deal with the brainwashed students. Alex manages to throw one of her gadgets into Telly's room where it activates his Mandybook as it exploded and the vaccuum robot exploded all over Clover and her red catsuit gets turned to shreds (which is similar in "Attack of the 50 foot Mandy"). Telly is then taken into custody by WOOHP and warns that he will have his revenge on them, while Jerry decides to erase Mandy's memories of the incident Telly had made.


  • Telly's appearance slightly resembles the future version of Kevin Ethan Levin in the "Ben 10" episode "Ken 10".
  • In the English version, Telly's voice sounds similar to the young Kevin in "Ben 10" episode "Kevin 11".


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