Tai appears in "Planet of the Hunks". He was a supermodel and one of the men that Felicity Fences abducted to add to her collection of boy toys on her private island.

Like J.R.L Junior, Sam, Clover, and Alex all recognized him immediately when Jerry showed them his picture during their mission briefing. Alex referred to him as "super cute" supermodel Tai.

He is seen being aducted backstage after a fashion show by Felicity's gladiators during the opening of the episode.


  • Upon first seeing Felicity's gladiators, Tai assumed they were models in costume and told them he loved the "old school" gladiator gear they had on.
  • Tai took his job as a supermodel very seriously. When he was being forced to fight in Proasis' arena, he begged the gladiators quote, "Please mister gladiator men, don't hurt the face." This is a reference to the character of Autolycus from "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" and "Xena: Warrior Princess".
  • Tai is one of the guests at the Aqua Vitae Resort in "Evil Hotel".


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