Tad Bailey
Age: 30's-40's
Nation-State: United States of America
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Dark Brown
Skin color: Tan
Family and Friends
Nemesis: Lenore Von Schram
Personality and Ability
Favorite food: Donuts
Professions: Actor
Affiliations: "Days of Our Spies"
Behind the Scene
First appearance: Starstruck


Tad Bailey appeared in "Starstruck". Tad was an international superstar actor that went missing. Actually, it is show that he has been kidnapped by a masked person after shooting a scene of the series "The Days of our Spies". Clover, Alexandra, and Samantha learned he was missing (from the cover of "Entertainment Hourly" that Mandy showed them) and begged Jerry Lewis to let them go look for him. Jerry was not thrilled with the idea because he didn't find it to be a matter of international crisis which was what WOOHP was founded for and not to hunt down quote "missing heartthrobs".

It was later revealed that Tad had been abducted by Lenore Von Schram who believed he was not Tad but Ace Rockson; his character on "Days Of Our Spies" (she wanted to "put him away from the danger that he is always in") and she wanted to marry him. He had been tied to a chair with belts and gagged with a cloth in her secret hideout (it's easy to guess why did Lenore gag him, considering his constant talking once he got freed). When Tad shook the cloth off his mouth, he tried to explain to kidnapper that he was just an actor and not really a spy as he appeared to be on screen. She insisted he had been brainwashed by Sinestro (the antagonist in "Days of our Spies") and his daughter Gwendolyn (played by Clover) and tried to unhypnotize him. 

Tad was eventually rescued by the spies. When Lenora left her hideout (certain that she killed the spies), they untied him. When Clover told him it was an honor to be working with him he ignored her and asked if his hair was okay or not, revealing himself to be shallow, self-absorbed, and vain. When the spies said they had to save Wilhelm he asked if they meant they were going to do "hero stuff". When they said yes he panicked and said that he needed his stunt man for that kind of thing.

The spies brought him along with them in operation of saving the other actors of "Days of our Spies" from Lenora, but he talked too much and was too worried about his hair. His constant taking could ruin the mission, so Alex tied him up and gagged him again. When she released him, Tad inadvertently saved the day when he mistook the Tornado In A Can Of Hairspray for actual hairspray and used it on himself. He ended up creating a tornado that knocked Lenore out. However, the tornado destroys his hair, making him bald.


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