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Age: 20s-30s
Nation-State: United States of America
Gender: Male
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Black/Green
Skin color: White
Family and Friends
Nemesis: The music industry (formerly)
Personality and Ability
Dislike: The speed at which boy bands lose their fan base. People that want to touch his face. Teensicle
Professions: Singer, Actor
Affiliations: Boy Candy (formerly)
Behind the Scene
Voiced by: Flag of USAScott Menville (Season 2)


T-Bone first appears in the Season 2 episode "Boy Bands Will Be Boy Bands" as the lead singer of Boy Candy, a fading boy band that Alexandra likes. He and the other members try to regain their fame by stealing the faces of a currently popular band, Teensicle. The plan is thwarted by the spies, Teensicle's faces were returned, and Boy Candy was arrested.

In the episode "Evil Hotel", T-Bone returns, apparently reformed and having become a movie celebrity and a singer again. According to Jerry, he had escaped a kidnapping attempt. Later that day, his hot tub is turned into a vortex, sending him to the Aqua Vitae Resort where he and other celebrities are trapped by Hayes, who plans to flood the rest of the world so he can have the celebrities all to himself.


  • T-Bone has been used by several musicians as a stage name.
  • He starred in the movie "Cruise Cafe" (a movie Britney has seen 21 times).
  • He has an obsession with his face and constantly tells people not to touch it.
  • His movie catchphrase is "What you gonna do about it?" ("Evil Hotel")
  • It is unknown how T-Bone got released from prison, but it's possible that he went out on parole or probation or when his sentence was over.