Super Nerd Much?
Air Date
Season 03
Episode Number 10
Proceeded By The Incredible Bulk
Followed By Dental? More Like Mental

Super Nerd Much? is episode 10 of Season 3.



Arnold Jackson accidentally comes into possession of the Cat's Eye Emerald, a gemstone that siphons coolness from others (turning them into total nerds) and causes it to go to Arnold, rendering him attractive. Can the spies stop him before he transforms everyone on the planet into nerds? In a B-story, Arnold runs for class president. He ends up losing to the school mascot.



  • Slogans appearing in this episode are:
    • Arnold's slogan is "Be bold, vote for Arnold".
    • The mascot's slogan is "Don't be a laughingstock, vote for the Peacock".
  • The Beverly Hills High mascot is the Peacock.
  • The Beverly Hills Mall has an underground parking lot.
  • Arnold's freckles disappeared after he absorbed some cool DNA.
  • Cat's Eye is reference to the manga and anime series "Cat's Eye" which was one of the inspirations for the show.
  • It is revealed by Sam that the Cat's Eye Emerald ring is the only British crown jewel not on display at the Tower of London in England, as it was said to have supernatural powers. It was given to Elizabeth I of England in 1578.
  • Sam provides the end video in this episode.
  • This episode explains that coolness is apparently a genetic thing, which in real life, it is not.
  • When the girls are transformed into nerds their appearances change drastically:
    • Sam has a short, low ponytail.
    • Clover's hair becomes a large Afro with a side ponytail.
    • Alex has orthodontic headgear, braces, and a small ponytail on the top of her head.
  • Goof: When Arnold uses his car to cut down the palm trees he only cuts down 2 of them but the next scene shows 3 fallen palm trees.