Spy Soccer
Spy Soccer
Air Date
Season 04
Episode Number 20
Proceeded By The Suavest Spy
Followed By Spies on the Farm

Spy Soccer is episode 20 of Season 4.



The Beverly Hills High soccer team coach has retired and is replaced with a new one who has a ball that contains a mind-control chip to create the perfect soccer team. Alex is caught up in the game, turning into a ruthless and crazy player with a flare for destruction and aggression. It's up to Sam and Clover to save Alex.

In the B-story, Jerry becomes hooked on video games.



  • Beverly Hills High has the following:
    • A soccer team
    • Fashion Victims Club
    • Marathon Math Team
  • Clover's disdain for soccer is seen in:
  • Bonita's training speech about glory is very similiar to the instructor's speech about fame in the introduction of the "Fame" 1982 television series.
  • Alex does not wear her catsuit in this episode.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Clover mentions that Alex looked like she "missed the year end shoe spectacular at Jacy's." This is a reference to Macy's and JCPenney.


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