Spy Gladiators
Spy Gladiators
Air Date January 19, 2002
Season 01
Episode Number 10
Proceeded By Model Citizens
Followed By Silicon Valley Girls

Spy Gladiators is episode 10 of Season 1.



The girls go undercover on a game show to discover why all of its competitors have mysteriously gone missing. In a B-story, Alex is having trouble with a bully at school.



  • Beverly Hills High has a soccer team.
  • King's television show is titled FIGHT (Fear Island Gladiator Habitat).
  • 2 of the gladiators are seen in "A Spy is Born I".
  • This episode is similiar to the film "The Running Man".
  • The girl's short sleeve athletic catsuits and King's television show are based on "American Gladiators".



Alex: (suddenly snaps at Donna, causing Donna to look shocked, while the crowd of students is also surprised themselves) Listen here, you big Neanderthal! I've been chased by wild wolves, had boulders thrown at me and fought gladiators all night! So if you want a piece of me, let's get it on!
Donna: (looks surprised while listening to Alex's speech, and then grins) Hmm. For a bony runt, you're pretty tough.
Alex: I am? I mean, you bet I am!
Donna: I didn't know you had it in you. Guess you're cooler than I thought. We're gonna have to get *you* a ride.
Alex: We are? Cool!

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