Solo Spies
Air Date December 21 2013
Season 06
Episode Number 24
Proceeded By Danger TV
Followed By So Totally Versailles!

Solo Spies is episode 24 of Season 6.



When Jerry informs Sam, Clover, and Alex that they will no longer be working as a team of spies, but as solo agents instead, the girls are shocked. And soon find themselves on 3 separate missions investigating agents around the world who have been reported missing. And it does not take them long to discover that the missing agents have, in fact, been abducted, when they themselves are abducted too. What the spies soon realize, when they are brought to a kooky lair along with the other sequestered spies, is that a baddie named FanGirl is to blame. No longer satisfied with collecting action figures from her fave spy movies, TV shows, and comic books; she has decided to take her fanaticism to a whole new level; by accumulating real life spies to add to her collection. It is up to the girls to not only save their fellow agents and defeat the villain, but to show Jerry that they work better as a team than as solo spies!

In the B-story, Mandy takes possession of the girls' penthouse.