Ski Trip
Ski Trip
Air Date
Season 02
Episode Number 20
Proceeded By Totally Switched
Followed By The Elevator

Ski Trip is episode 20 of Season 2.



While they were looking forward to a fun weekend at a ski resort, the school ski trip morphs into a disaster when Sam, Clover and Alex find themselves doubling up with Mandy.

Furthermore, one of their old enemies has escaped from prison and is meditating revenge, which not only puts them in a highly dangerous situation, but also obliges them to capture Dr. Gelee without tipping off any of their classmates that anything unusual is happening. Unfortunately, Dr. Gelee has kidnapped Mandy (mistaking her for Clover), forcing the girls to save her.

In the B-story, Clover and Mandy compete for a snowboarder guy named Todd.



  • Dr. Gelee has a poor memory. He thought Mandy was Clover because Mandy was wearing a red ski suit. He did not notice the different hair colors, voices, and faces.
  • Sam, Clover, and Alex do not wear their catsuits in this episode.


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