Simon Tucker appears in the episode "Malled".

He wanted revenge after his family owned business was driven to bankruptcy by the Harrows corporation (Harrods). He created ACT (Anti Consumerism Teams) to destroy malls worldwide. He kidnapped people including Sam and had them rigged with mind control devices. Clover and Alex discovers their territory after seeing his army and a brainwashed Sam who became the commander of Simon's army. Both tries fight Sam as they attempt to rescue her by force. Her armies managed to caught both girls while rescuing their commander and takes them to Simon.

Simon reveals his next plans is to destroy the newly opened Beverly Hills Mall with the ACT army as leave the girls in his office while being scrapping all of the items from the mall to choke them. Both girls managed to escape and to stop Simon and his army from destroying malls once and for all.

At the new Beverly Hills Mall where they start the attack, Clover and Alex tried to fight the brainwashed Sam again as Alex uses her gadget to pose as Simon's voice to put his men in the third floor to destroy other shopping stalls. Sam manages to close the mall door as she left to watch her comrades destroy the mall stalls. Alex manages to open using her gadget, both jumps while taking Sam to the fountains in ground floor as they continues to fight. Alex manages to remove the patch that Sam was being mind controlled and returns to normal. She remembers that Simon is going to destroy the mall and decides to stop him. Clover and Alex opens the sprinkler as Sam's ACT army orders them to remove the patches on their heads and finally tells them that Simon is destroying malls and put the stop on his madness. 

All the ACT soldiers led by Sam tried to smash the door with the crane as Simon wants to make another ACT army along with his new victims. Alex managed to disperse his escape route as the ACT soldiers begins to attack Simon in chaos after he failed to escape from the elevator and is later caught by Jerry's men.