Sigmund Smith
Normal evil mascot-00172
Age: 18 - 20's
Nation-State: United States of America
Hometown: Malibu, California
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Skin color: White
Family and Friends
Pets: Cat
Nemesis: Malibu University
Personality and Ability
Dislike: Riptide State always losing the Beach Sport Mega Tournament.
Professions: Student, Mascot
Affiliations: Riptide State
Behind the Scene


Sigmund Smith was in the episode "Evil Mascot". He built a weaponized version of Riptide State's mascot, Sigmund the Seagull, and used it to attack the sports team captains of Malibu University. He wanted to ensure that Riptide State won the annual Beach Sport Mega Tournament after Malibu University had won it 6 years in a row.

His plan was foiled by Samantha, Clover, and Alexandra, who allowed Jerry Lewis to take his kitten to WOOAP (World Organization Of Animal Protection).


Evil Mascot

Sigmund's costume

Sigmund the Seagull

Sigmund's costume

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