Air Date March 2, 2002
Season 01
Episode Number 13
Proceeded By Queen for a Day
Followed By Aliens

Shrinking is episode 13 of Season 1.



A villain has been shrinking landmarks to create his own miniature world. He even manages to shrink Clover! In a B-story, Clover searches for the perfect outfit to wear on her date, but has trouble when she is the size of a doll.


Villian Gadget


  • The WOOHP budget:
    • "Evil Hair Salon" -- buying 2 wigs at $1250 per wig ($2500 total) is considered a major field equipment expense
    • "Evil Ice Cream Man Much?" -- damaging a vehicle is met with disdain
    • "Shrinking" -- a prototype reconnaissance/surveillance satellite costs $1,000,000; the full scale version costs $1,000,000,000
    • "Stark Raving Mad" -- a Compowder is expensive
  • The spiky haired boy is also seen in "Malled".
  • Mr. Smalls' siblings are seen fighting the girls using martial arts and hand to hand combat.
  • At the end of the episode, Clover is seen in a doll's dress.
  • Goof: At one point in the episode Clover says she looks horrible in pink but pink is one of the most common colors she wears.