Seth Toyman was in "Mandy Doll Mania!".

Seth was released in WOOHP containment facility after a long decade of surveilance and he is now trying to take revenge against the girls. He spies the girls during the night and now decides to do the same motive which is to acquire the microchips by sneaking in the militray lab by stealing it. He was also responsible of creating the Mandy Dolls by putting the microchips inside the doll from the Mandy Doll Factory. Later on, he successfully capture the girls in their penthouse and takes them to the Mandy Doll Factory. The girls finally reveals him in person as well as the same motive he has done previously. He tells the girls that he wants to take over WOOHP by dominating them using his Mandy Doll Army. He then activates his controlling device to make his army dolls become hostile as he leaves the factory to let his dolls to deal with the girls.

The girls managed to escape the factory and decides to go to WOOHP. When they arrived at Beverly Hills, the dolls are now attacking people in Beverly Hills. The girls are forced to save people from the dolls. Since they are many they can't beat them down as Jerry arrives and he was defeated by the dolls. Seth finally confront the girls and wanted to take over WOOHP. Due to his dismay, Sam managed to spray the dolls with her gadget and the dolls are now turning against him and attacks him. The real Jerry and his men arrived and arrests Seth and he yells hysterically from his plan's failure.  


  • His controlling device resembles an iPad.
  • Seth's hairstyle resembles the previous Seth in "Toying Around".
  • His motives were similar to the previous Seth in "Toying Around" as he steals the microchips from the military labs and use it for his toys to make realistic. The difference is that Seth uses this to take over WOOHP using his Mandy Doll Army.
  • The havoc in Beverly Hills is based on the movie "Small Soldiers".


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