He appears in the episode "Toying Around", voiced by Wally Wingert. He broke into a military lab for a set of microchips to make his toys more realistic. However, he did not know that the toys would grow sentient and attempt to conquer the world for him. As a result, he later attempted to assist Samantha, Alex, and Clover in stopping his creations. While he was arrested by Jerry, since he did break into the military base, Jerry was sure he could get Seth a reduced or suspended sentence. He is one of the few villains to ally with the girls as his crimes were unintentional.


He appears in the episode "Creepy Crawly Much?". He is a student of Beverly Hills High, a goth that likes depressing poetry. He dumps Alex after she detransforms in front of him (she had been half-transformed into an insect by Max Exterminus so he could have her as his queen), saying that her cheerfulness is ruining his image.

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