Scritch is the school principal of Beverly Hills High in the feature film "Totally Spies! The Movie". Her first impression of Samantha was not favorable, sensing that when Sam talked about what she has been doing academically (doing term papers, extra reading, etc.), that she was trying to be a "grade grubber". She then tells the girls that they will not receive any favorable treatment despite being new students, and that she has her eyes on them, especially Sam.

Later on, she suspects the girls have been ditching school or causing more trouble. When she spots them, she tries to follow them, however, the girls are able to evade her pursuit. That is, until she sees a hole in the wall and finds Sam's hair at the scene. She then tells Samantha she will be punished and to report to her office. It is revealed that Sam will have to serve detention after school.

At the conclusion of the girls' first major spy mission, Jerry reveals that WOOHP had relocated Scritch and to an icy cold region where she is teaching some kids (and a penguin) in an igloo.


She wears a business suit and a monocle. According to the film's website, it gives her an air of authority.