His only appearance is in "Child's Play", where it's revealed that he is Caitlin's older brother, as well as being a senior at Beverly Hills High. In the b-story of "Child's Play", Clover develops a crush on Rick, and tries dressing and acting older to impress him due to his status as a senior. However, at the end of the episode, it turns out that Rick was actually going out with Mandy.

Compared to his sister, Rick seems to have a much kinder and friendlier personality. Although, it is possible that he and sister could be close, because at the beginning of "Child's Play", Rick had talked about buying a birthday present for Caitlin.


  • Caitlin and her brother, Rick, might be mulatto, as they have an African-American appearance but have light skin, and Caitlin also has green eyes in most of her appearances (unless she wears colored contacts, because she has dark brown eyes in some of her other appearances).