Raymond appeared in the episode "The Incredible Bulk". He appears in the gym, working out. He and Alexandra spend the rest of the day together. She finally leaves, with her friends urging her to go home, but not before he invites her to a body building competition that he has entered. When they arrive, he is eating a Bulky Bar, and offers one to Alex, who turns it down. As the event starts, he appears to be doing well, but he starts to groan. Surprised at the sudden pain, he stops flexing and puts a hand to his head and his blood veins become visible. Then, his body begins a surprising transformation; he begins to grow and become much more muscular. After a short fight with the girls, he escapes, but Alex placed a Homing Beacon Band-Aid on his back. Following him to Ulrich Wernerstein's castle, they find him locked in a glass cage. He and the other victims are eating dozens of Bulky Bars. The girls arrive and are captured, while Ulrich explains that if they eat one, they become addicted. The girls break free from the trap and temporarily make it impossible for the others to eat any more bars. Raymond is then seen at the end of the episode, thanking Alex and then breaking up with her, saying he doesn't like girls who are more muscular than him.

He also appears in "Totally Spies! The Movie".


  • Raymond is a reference to the American cartoonist, Alex Raymond.