The Producer is a character in the episode "Danger TV" who produces a television show of the same name. He has been abducting various show hosts and celebrities, and making them do crazy stunts.

At the beginning of the episode, he abducts Bobbee Honeybee as the latter is performing a show. He then ties him to a car that is to be pushed off a steep track ramp like a roller coaster. After the spy girls save Bobbee, the Producer is annoyed by the interruptions. The girls then confront him on the rooftop while he handles a video recorder. He tells them his plans of making his show have high ratings, and then escapes by helicopter.

Later on, he abducts a car racer and Mandy at a restaurant. He then ties the two to a motorboat where they must endure a deadly stunt course. The girls finally confronted him as they wanted to stop him. The Producer activate the film boomerang to bound the girls and sticks with the boat where Mandy and the car racer was bounding the boat then moves as he summon robot sharks to deal with them as he watches them in his dangerous stunts by chasing the boat with robot sharks and makes its extreme jump. The girls managed to get free by cutting the film rope from the female swordsman statue and the boat in front exploded.

The producer wasn't giving up, and shows to them that the boat will move as a rollercoaster and crash into the Eiffel Tower. However, much to his surprise, the boat managed to move and got on top of the tower. He makes his last and final stunt to be engage within ten seconds countdown; the girls managed to save Mandy and the car racer, while his airship crashed into the motor boat and explodes.

He was later seen falling into the river near the Eiffel Tower; soon after, he was arrested soon by Jerry and his men.


  • The Producer resembles Ken Masters from the "Street Fighter" series and Prince Adam/He-Man from "He-Man". Both have short blond hair. The producer has straight bangs like Adam.
  • The Producer's white suit and red shirt resembles Ken's civilian outfit from his anime appearances in "Street Fighter II V".
  • His show is similar to Adrena Lynn, from Disney's "Kim Possible". Lynn is a fake extreme sports media star who is exposed as having acrophobia.