Natalie Valentine advertising Possession


Possession is a cologne created by villainous Natalie Valentine, a perfume/cologne designer. The cologne made its only appearance in the Season 2 episode "Green with N.V." Comprised of regular cologne and her own sweat, Possession, true to its namesake, put whomever was sprayed by it under her spell.

The cologne was a sales hit, and a clerk reported to the spies that it sold a 1,000 bottles in a week from that single store. However, the clerk reported that the product was a total flop, and every bottle was also returned. Because of Valentine's Day, women were buying the product for their significant others. However, a spray of the cologne caused the men to go into a trance, leaving their women while chanting "!"

It was found that Possession was a secret weapon by Natalie to put the entire male population under her control, having faced nothing but rejection in her teenage years. Samantha, Alexandra, and Clover managed to turn the tables by using a version of the cologne that contained their own sweat to help them stop Natalie's attempt to use it on the entire male population of the world (Natalie Valentine used New York City for a test run). After her plan was foiled by the spies, the cologne was never seen again.

According to the Scanner Watch, Possession is produced and assembled in Paris, France.


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