Phoebe is Mandy's mother. She also has a nasal-pitched voice which is slightly deeper than Mandy's, and looks identical to Mandy, just older. Phoebe alternates between spoiling Mandy and disciplining her for lackluster grades. It's clear that Mandy loves her mom very much.

Mandy's father is never seen, but is mentioned in the series, and it's implied that her parents are in fact married, in "Totally Busted" Mandy says, "My parents just built an awesome new ski chalet for me," implying that her father also spoils her.


  • Goes by the nickname "Phebes".



  • "Dental? More Like Mental"
Phoebe: (off-screen) MANDY!!!! You're not allowed to talk to your friends! That is what being grounded means!
Clover: (confused) Grounded? 
Mandy: (panics) Please... these are so not my friends.
Phoebe: No buts, young lady! You will get your Master Platinum back and your freedom when those grades improve. (drags Mandy inside) Now up to your room!
  • "Alex Get Schooled"
Mandy: (shrieks) "F's?! But, how is that possible?"
Phoebe: "You are grounded for the rest of the year, young lady. And that means no dates."
Mandy: (shrieks) "You can't be serious! The boys of Bev Hills will be lost without me!"