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Community leaders


They appeared in the episode "The O.P." They were using brainwashing devices to create the perfect community at Ocean Palisades. After being stopped by Alexandra, Samantha, and Clover they were sentenced to 1000 hours of community service and compulsory parenting classes. Jerry explained that locking them up "would be a little harsh".


  • "The O.P." is a reference to and parody of:
  • The mother is seen as a guest at the English Royal Wedding in "The Wedding Crasher".
  • The O.P. Parents are among the few non-revenge based villains on the show, as they seem to want the best for their children. Sam even considers them "pathetic" as they seem afraid of their own kids.
  • Besides The O.P. Parents being a reference to The Stepford Wives films, their appearance bears a striking resemblance to Bruce Wayne's deceased parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne in the DC Comics Universe.
    • The Father (Thomas Wayne) wears a formal attire, either a suit or stroller with a black tie equipped. With both characters representing the formal 1930-1950's look, they also have cow lick hairdo, with the color being the same, depending on the character's design through each illustrator. Both characters also fancy the similar facial appearance and have a moustache.
    • The Mother dresses in a formal attire as well much like Martha and sports blond hair and hairdo. However it depends on the character's design through each issue.
    • In some fact some fans could consider that The O.P. Parents bear a striking resemblance to actors, Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe or Carol Lombard respectively, both celebrities highly well known from the 1930-1950.