Age: Early 10's
Nation-State: United States of America
Alias: Normy
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Skin color: White
Family and Friends
Relatives: Clover (cousin), Stella (aunt)
Personality and Ability
Professions: Student
Behind the Scene
First appearance: Zooney World
Voiced by: Flag of USAKatie Leigh


Norman is Clover's cousin and Stella's nephew (her sister's son). He enjoys annoying Clover at every opportunity he gets. He was featured in the Season 2 episode "Zooney World" as an avid fan of a children's show of the same name, which turned out to be part of an elaborate plan to brainwash the world's children and turn them against adults.

Norman re-appeared later in the Season 6 episode "Danger TV".


  • Norman's eyes in "Zooney World" are green while in "Danger TV" his eyes are blue and is the same as Clover's.
  • His hair is a male version of Clover's
  • He was redesigned for his Season 6 guest appearance. His redesign included a new facial structure.


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