Nine Lives
Nine Lives 1
Air Date September 7 2013
Season 06
Episode Number 02
Proceeded By The Anti-Social Network
Followed By Vide-o-no!

Nine Lives is episode 2 of Season 6.



Bizarre occurrences across the globe prompt Jerry Lewis to send the spies on a mission to check things out. What they discover is that someone (or something) is slowly turning the world into what appears to be a giant cat habitat! Back at Malibu University, Alexandra volunteers at the animal lab with a peculiar woman, Feline Dion, who is doing extensive research on cats.

Meanwhile, the spies discover that a half-cat, half-human is responsible for the chaos around the world and all signs point to Feline. What's more, Alex has been affected by Feline's experimental cat DNA serum and is now turning into a cat-human. Can the spies stop Feline (before she turns everyone in the world into cat people) and help Alex before it's too late?

In a B-story, Clover tries convincing her mom, Stella, that she's studying to become a doctor rather than a fashion designer while she is at Malibu University.




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