Model Citizens
Model Citizens
Air Date January 12, 2002
Season 01
Episode Number 09
Proceeded By Abductions
Followed By Spy Gladiators

Model Citizens is episode 9 of Season 1.



A modeling agency is kidnapping models and combining their body parts to create an army of perfect models. The felonious agency is ruled by Tuesday Tate, an ex-model who was attacked by a lion she had to tame for a shooting and subsequently lost one leg a couple of years ago.

The spies are not spared Tuesday's malignancy: Clover has her perfect legs taken, Sam loses her lustrous, even teeth and her charming smile, and Alex is deprived of her perfect hair and face. In return, the girls obtain ugly body parts, namely muscular legs for Clover, fluffy hair and a bland face for Alex, and a brace-face look for Sam.

In a B-story, Clover and Mandy compete in the Miss Groovy Smoothie beauty contest.


Villian Gadget



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