Mira appears in "It's How You Play the Game". She was a figure skater that was part of the team from Zanzibar which was sweeping all the awards at the Winter Olympics. She was one of the athletes that the Coach was using synthetic micro-organisms on to give her greater strength, speed, reflexes, co-ordination and knowledge to perfect her performance and ensure that she won all her events.

Like the rest of her teammates, Mira had no idea of the bugs and simply believed that her coach was a gifted teacher and it was due to that, that the team and herself owed their success.

Due to the Coach's excessive use of the bugs on her, Mira started to feel the opposite effect. Her system was shutting down entirely and seeing that the Coach ruthlessly mocked that it was quote "almost sad to watch his first guinea pig go".

Samantha was able to save her life by making her sneeze out the bug that was inside her body. After the bug was removed, Mira returned to normal.