Mime World (Jazz Hands Return - Part 3)
Mime World
Air Date
Season 05
Episode Number 17
Proceeded By Miss Spirit Fingers (Jazz Hands Return - Part 2)
Followed By Evil Mascot

Mime World (Jazz Hands Return - Part 3) is episode 17 of Season 5.



With Clover and Alex now added to "Operation: Secret Partnership", they join Sam on her undercover mission to uncover the truth behind Jazz Hands's new theme park, Mime World. The spies discover that Jazz Hands is planning to take over the world again, with Sam even becoming his "Mime Queen", forcing Clover and Alex to go up against him to defeat their enemy once and for all.

In the B-story, Jerry seeks the hair of his younger days by creating a hair tonic, but it proves to be easier said than done.


Villian Gadget




Samantha deflating a giant Jazz Hands.


Diamond Encrusted Platinum Buzzsaw Earring.


Diamond Encrusted Platinum Buzzsaw Earring and Wire Firing Bracelet.

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