Milton Bard was a man who appeared in the episode "The Show Must Go On... Or Else". One of his aliases was Stefan Toucay. He was the instructor of the Theater 101 course at Malibu University.

Angry that his plays had always failed, Bard broke into a lab and stole a computer chip before using it to change his victims into characters from his plays. He attempted to change Clover into one of his victims but Alexandra who had arrived with Samantha after uncovering the truth managed to push Clover to safety, resulting her in becoming one of Bard's puppets, leaving Clover and Sam enraged.

Despite his best efforts to get his revenge by luring his victims onto a train which would crash into the Mali-U Cafe and eventually the sea, Bard was eventually arrested and jailed while his victims were returned to normal with no memory of what had happened while they were under his control.