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Martin Mystery
Alex & Martin Mystery
Age: 16
Nation-State: United States of America
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: White
Family and Friends
Relatives: Diana (stepsister)
Friends: Java
Boss: M.O.M.
Personality and Ability
Love interests: Alexandra
Professions: Center agent
Affiliations: Center
Behind the Scene
Voiced by: Samuel Vincent KhouthFlag of USA
Voiced by: Samuel Vincent KhouthFlag of Canada


Martin Mystery is a paranormal investigator, working for The Center. He is the protagonist of "Martin Mystery" and has an appearance in the episode "Totally Mystery Much?"

Martin is an immature 16 year old and is obsessed with the paranormal. He often lets his mind wander with theories about the case at hand. Nevertheless, he is resourceful and always solves the case in his unorthodox manners.

Martin fell for Clover but Clover was too harsh on him. At the end Clover wanted to go out on a date with Martin, until he turns her down after talking to Alex about personal interests. Martin and Alex quickly develop a mutual attraction, sharing many things they like and dislike. Martin has a step sister named Diana, whom he compares to Sam stating that both are "buzzkills". He is also has a caveman friend named Java. Both Java and Diana often assist Martin in investigations. However in "Totally Mystery Much", neither appear for some reason. Like Diana, Sam is irritated by Martin's behavior. They gain a professional respect for each other, and by the end of the episode are on friendly terms.

In "Totally Mystery Much", Martin meets the girls while working on the case. Against their wishes, the girls are obligated by Jerry to work with Martin. Despite the friction at first between Martin and the girls, the teens work together and solve the case.

He also made a cameo appearance in "Super Agent Much?"


  • Martin's Voice actor Samuel Vincent is known for voicing in "Martin Mystery" as Martin Mystery and "Slugterra" as Eil Shane and Will Shane.

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